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Conserve Energy...
  • One of the primary ways to improve energy conservation in buildings is to use an energy audit.

  • Turn off air conditioning systems in unoccupied rooms and try to keep the room cool by keeping the curtains.

  • Turn off the lights when leaving the rooms and use dim lights in galleries, lobbies, balconies and bathrooms.

  • Make maximum use of sunlight during the day. Drapes or curtains on windows & doors are to be drawn apart during day time, for natural light to reduce need for electrical lights inside the home.

  • Geysers consume the maximum amount of electricity. Use them to heat only that amount of water that is required. Thermostat can be set to a lower temperature i.e. 45 to 50 degrees.

  • Switch Off Appliances When Not In Use. Never forget to switch off lights, fans, refrigerators when you are going out for an outing on the weekend.

  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs more often as they consume 10% less power then the normal bulbs.

  • Number of electrical lighting points to be reduced to one per room, in side the flats. All additional fittings to be removed / permanently switched off.

  • Unplug electronic devices and chargers when they aren’t in use-most new electronics use electricity even when switched “off.” Turn computers and printers off at the power strip.

  • When purchasing a dishwasher, look for energy saving features such as a short wash cycle. Shorter washing cycles, with fewer rinses, save water and water-heating energy.

efforts by: Radhika Mittal & Sahil Gupta...(CSE final year)